I really don't have anything worthy of updating, so if you stop reading now I don't blame you.

My roommate is on a high because today/tomorrow (its just past midnight now) is her birthday and the celebration has already begun. She's really cute when she's giddy.

Sandy and I went swimming tonight: workout no. 2 for the week. At least I've got that going for me. Mom and Dad are coming for the football game this weekend, as is Cory. I'm looking forward to some SnS.

I haven't ranted in a while, and I've been saving this one up, so here goes:
I understand wearing political t-shirts or having a riot or chalking the quad with the things you believe, but it goes too far when you spray paint the campus. You know what I'm talking about, those anti-Bush prints (South Quad, among others) or the picture of the weed with “Chief” underneath (by Marrow Plots), or, my favorite, the random butt with a penis behind it (on the quad, in front of the English? building). The butt one isn't even a cool graphic or anything–its simply dumb, and gross! It goes far beyond the (obviously drunken) “Why don't Girls Streak?” (middle of quad) or “Book War” (middle of quad), those were simply poor planning. Yet anti-Bush, weed, or anal images really get to me. But my point is this: if you're going to make a statement, don't deface something. Make your mark in a way that isn't going to damage a beautiful campus. I like my school grounds. Chalk it if you want people to see it. Wear it. Give me a damn flyer I'm likely to throw away. Don't do something my kids might have to see. Have some respect! We all know that the university can hardly afford desks for Lincoln Hall, let alone paint remover.


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