This is me posting lots of pictures, because I got a roll back and I thought you ((might)) want to see them.

Matt and Danielle's wedding was last weekend.  It was adorable.  As were they.

                                                                                                                                                                  And of course, there's Kevin.  My studly date.   
            And this guy, He asked me to dance…

Afterwards, Jon and I went to dinner and took pictures at a park at 1am.  I taught him how to flirt.  He tells me things are going better for him now. 

And of course, a last few images of New York:

I went to New Jersey to see the Blue Stars perform.  It was my only taste of corps all summer , but it was wonderful.  These are my girls (minus Allison), whom I adore and respect for everything, ever.


Mary and I got stuck on the subway for an hour–and yes, we were still smiling.  Because of the rain we had to sit there and then an “emergency evacuation train” was sent for us.  It was another thing I added to my “Only in New York” list. 
I took this picture to prove she really did exist.   I feel like I talked about her all summer, but no one ever saw her.  Well, there you have it.  She also likes mashed potatoes.

I love Sarah.  She loves cupcakes.  She is beautiful.  So are the cupcakes.  (unlike her, the cupcakes are not British)



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