I feel like my whole weekend was High School Fest 2K5. I went to two
parties, both of which I hung out with people I went to high school
with but never had much in common. It wasn't all bad–but it made it
easy for me to feel out of place. Friday night was Keith's night back
in town. He's studying in FL and flew up for the long weekend. And when
Keith is back it means party. Its amazing how many people will gather
for Keith and beer. Steve Flesch flew in from Texas, Jim Kern stayed
out extra late, and then there was the usual crowd of Colin, Andy
Fishbeck (who is huge?!?!), Evan, Mike, and a bunch of other people I
don't know. My favorite was when this girl, who was my neighbor for
years and years started drinking. I wanted to scream, “Remember how you
were 5 last year?!” But I contained myself. Still, she was still way to
young for that nonsense. Being that I had to drive home, Keith made
Colin get me some Gatorade and the world was right. I eventually met up
with Sam and had aweful pancakes.

I attempted to have this really intelligent conversation with Colin
about the Chicago neighborhood he lives in. It is right near Liz and
Ashley's old place so I was like, “Oh, yeah, California, right there
off the C-Line.” Except that the C-Line, which is Blue, is in New York.

That was the end of that conversation. Idiot!


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