First Whoaman's Dinner of the year and it was wonderful. Liza was there. I missed her lots.

Afterwards I ate “ice cream” at Tasti D Lite and I felt like I was back in New York, if only for a little bit.

Steph and I had a LONG girl talk and it was wonderful and much needed, for both of us. We both concluded that life would be much easier had we been married at 13.

I arrived back at Newman to find lots of people on my floor. I had forgotten about Newman Unlocked–which, really, was ok with me. My floor was second to last and I'd much rather hide out in my room.

Had our first Girl Scout meeting tonight too. He had 14 new people show up. Flipp'n sweet!

Have you ever heard of Sufjan Stevens? If not, you need to. His songs make me laugh AND cry. Allison, there is one about Decatur.

Listen. Laugh. Love.


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