Lets reevaulate my initial outlook on my life now that the summer is drawing to a close.  So long, sweet, sweet summer.

I'd wake up in uptown Manhattan. Yep.
Listen to news radio as I get ready. Took me a few weeks to find it, but CBS radio has won my heart.
Attend a quick daily mass on the way to work.  Cutest old ladies ever!
Take the subway, reading a book the whole way.  Bus, not subway.  But I've learned to love it more.
Work.  Yes, and yes….
Eat healthy, inexpensive lunch that tastes wonderful. Turkey and Munster cheese can get old, but it was cheep.
Work.  Is it 5:30 yet?
Go for a run or exercise at a gym.  More not than often, but I did!
Ride subway home, reading some more.  Bus again.
Get back to my apartment and write, read, knit, or develop photos. I did not learn to knit and the enlarger in the darkroom was broken.  Its ok, I was to busy being out.
Get ready for date with someone who is actually as interested in me as I in him. (And he's good looking)  I did!  and he is!
Go out on date.  Just once.
He walks me home and holds the door open for me. We part ways.  Sometimes.
I sleep deeply in my amazing comforter knowing that I'll do it again tomorrow.  Too hot for the comforter, but yeah, sleep.

I am so happy here.  I am so sad to leave.  I feel like I'm leaving someone I deeply love.  Maybe knowing that there is an end always makes things taste sweeter, but I don't know what I'll do when I get back to normal life again. 

Favorite moments:
Ben Folds
the way Sarah laughed when we told her that we thought her mom was gay
Grand Central at 6pm, with the music and the people.
Pizza on the terrace in the hotel
Swimming in the Atlantic
The morning updates with my boss
Woolworth Building
My walk in Central Park
The way Mike touched my back the first time we met
Confession at St. Patrick's
Robert DiNero
Holding a 3 month old baby with the Sisters of Life
Summer Sessions and post-Summer Session parties
Shakespeare in the Park
Every day.  Every single New York Moment.

Dear Illinois,
See you in 32 hours.  If you see Kevin teh Amazing, tell him I said “hi.”


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