This weekend I:

Saw Ben/Rufus/Ben and fell in love with all three.
Spent the night in Brooklyn.
Went to a slamming party.
Got hit on for the first time since I've been here.
Got to see Liz and Julius, who drove 12+ hours to see me.
Ate mexican in Brooklyn.
Swam in the Atlantic.
Rode the Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island.
Ate hotdogs and cheese fries.
Went to New Jersey.
Saw the Blue Stars in all their glory.
Hugged my tour friends.

These are from 4th of July.  Pictures from this weekend to follow.

A note on seeing my first and only drum corps show yesterday:
It was a really strange feeling.  I felt naked without my corps jacket.  I belonged there, however, but was also strangely distant.  As much as I longed to be there with them, I truly felt like that era has come to a close.    One thought kept running through my mind:  “How in the hell did I do this?”

I have no idea how this little girl made it through a summer with a drum larger than she and few friends to cling to and doing more shups than beats in the show.  I was so brave.


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