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Last weekend was nutz-o.  It was crazy fast, but it was also crazy fun.  Greg got into the bus station at about 8:30pm and I picked him up as promptly as I could.  We went out to dinner at this hipster place for dinner that had the best mac & cheese bake ever.  (On a side note, I've come to a realization that my time here is like, CarbFest2K5.  All I eat is bread and pasta…  I wish I could afford/ enjoy meat more).  After battling all the other tourists in Times Square we called it a night.

We spent the majority of the next day shopping.  And let me tell you, Macy's is no comparison to Marshall Field's.  I am such a snot, but I can't help it.  Macy's may have the claim to fame by being the biggest, but the envirnment is lacking.  We also spent a lot of time in Rockefeller Center, one of my favorite areas. Greg enjoyed the Nintendo store here.  I enjoyed J. Crew.  We also went to mass at St. Patrick's. 

That night we went to the box office for Chicago and amazingly got tickets.  I found out that you can get “Standing Room Only” tickets for $21.25.  The catch is that you actually have to stand the whole time, but you have your own spot (its numbered) against a wall.  For someone on a tight budget, it was perfect.  And let me tell you, I LOVE that show.  Its so hott.

Sunday we visited my museum and the gelatio shop and then took the (free!) Staten Island ferry to see Lady Liberty and the skyline.
nbsp; We had intended to go to Ground Zero, but instead hurried uptown to see if we had any chance of getting into Mamma Mia!  At 6:15 we got hooked up with more Standing Room tickets for the 7:00 show.  It was such a FUN show, and I loved walking in behind people who'd payed $80 more than me to see it.  Ha!Afterwards I'd hoped to take him to Magnolia for cupcakes, but I was SOO exhausted I could hardly talk. 

Dropped him off at the bus station at 11pm.  He left the city around 2am.  I was at work by 9:30, as usual.

Why do weekends always go so fast?


I spent all of today with the Sisters of Life helping cook for a birthday party.  I made cream puffs and got to hold a 3 month old baby.  It was a perfect day.  All the prayer sure did make me miss everyone at school, though.  Lots and lots.  I don't ever want to leave New York, but I am longing to St. John's.  And Sandy.


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