Welcome to the Johnson Family Vacation!  A few weeks ago, you might have seen these characters navigating their way through the busy streets of New York City.
First off, this is where I work, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, housed in the Andrew Carnegie mansion.
I have to admit, its frigg'n cool.  I eat lunch here every day and party like its 1999 every friday night.

Anyhow, mom and dad arrived while I was a work and did a little sight-seeing on their own.  Some hoodlum talked them into taking a carriage ride through Central Park. I was a little jealous that I wasn't there, but its ok.  Apparently, the whole time the carriage behind them kept getting to close and it interfered with their ride–slightly:
                                      I love this picture!

                                   This is us in Times Square.

We spent one afternoon getting lost in “The Village” (Greenwich Village) and ate lunch at the White Horse, the very place where poet Dylan Thomas drank himself to death.  Its also my mom's friend's favorite city bar. 
(Let it be known that we did NOT walk all the way to Champaign, Illinios to go to this bar.  It is in fact a different one.  However, all I could think about the whole time was Andy and Cory repeating over and over “The White Horse?!?!?” after finding out that some girls where meeting there for a party.)

Also in The Village is Magnolia Bakery, which is somehow famous for its cupcakes.  Now, I've had a hankering for cupcakes for a few months, so I was estatic when we stumbled upon it.  The rumors were true–there really was a “cupcake bouncer” who stood at the door and admitted only so many people at a time, and the cupcakes were amazing!
Despite the amazing treats, can you tell form the picture that I was hot and sweatly and felt really touristy taking this picture?  Oh–and while we were eating them, mom spotted this guy she's seen in Law and Order the week before.

Before I get into specifics on the hotel, I wanted to point out that this was down the street:
Oh snap!

Our hotel was on the east side by the United Nations.  Mom had booked it online and when they arrived something went funny with the booking and they got a free upgrade.  Let me tell you, the room was sweeeet.   Mom and Dad had their own room with a down comforter, robes and a pants presser (which, had it not been glued to the wall, we would have taken).  The bathroom, all marble, was as big as the rooms at Newman and the shower was so confusing I had to read the directions to use it.  The best part, though, was that there was a terrace that over looked the city from our top floor suite.
                                     Come on, I'll give you a tour! 
I felt like I was on Friends, climbing out the window and spying on the neighbors.  We spent one evening eating a pizza and watching the sun set.
  Oh yeah, and there were some Rolling Rocks too.  (But the ladies stuck to the Evian)

             This was our fantastic view.  I'm thinking about moving there.

And in case you're wondering, that IS the New York Public Library at the end of the street.

*Sigh*  It was a great weekend, and I miss them already.  But in only a few weeks I'll be heading home which makes me happy/super sad.But even at the end of the weekend, and despite the fancy-pants hotel, I still have no idea how to use a bidet.

Coming soon: this past weekend's adventures featuring more pictures and your very own Gregory Patrick Hudson.



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