So yesterday was the Cooper-Hewitt museum party in the garden. It was totally sweet. Most of my friends were there and we sat around drinking expensive things (thank goodness for the 30% employee discount) and basking in the wonderfulness that is the garden. Most of us were like, “Wow, grass!” You don't get much of it in the city. The only cute boys I met were the roommate of Gail, and his two friends–all of which were amazing, as well as amazingly gay.

When the party ended about 8 of us went to this really swank restuarant on the westside. The boys knew the owner, so we got excellent service. I sat with Sarah, Matt, and Matt and had intellectual converstaions while eating steamed soybeans straight from the pod. Sarah and I ordered one meal to split, and each of us got a side. I went for the sweet potato fries, because I love sweet potato fries nearly as much as I love stripes. (which, if you didn't know, is a lot). We pretty much all ate off of eachother's plates and had an excellent time. I did kind of feel like I'd been thrown on to a Cavaliers' guard bus, though, and felt awkwardly less beautful than the men was enjoying my dinner with.

When I finally did find my way home, I had to wait for about 20 minutes for a train–an amazingly long time. Once one finally came all of New York was already on it. A few stops later Harry Potter got on and was reading his own book! His fan club followed him, carrying posters and hardly noticing how packed the train was because they were already pages into their new novel.

Slept in until 9am today, and now I'm off to the darkroom to develop pictures of Chris and Dayna's wedding before another museum party tonight.


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