After work I went grocery shopping. Shopping in the city is like nothing else. Shopping at Fairway defines this. I was told about this store, which is about 5 blocks away, by someone that lives in my dorm. Its in kind of a shady part of town, which is why I go during the day. The store is under this huge bridge and faces the Hudson River. If you approach it from the street it just looks like and orange warehouse. But inside, its a mad house.

Out on the street are the fruits and veggies. You walk into the store through a ramp that has chips lining the walkway. Once inside, people buzz everywhere. The asiles are narrow and tall. The store looks small, until you talk down the cereal asile and it suddenly triples in size. At the deli counter you have to take a number and I have waited in line–no exaggeration– for 20 minutes for turkey. There is a seperate counter for about 100 different kinds of cheese. There is a section specificly for olives and a guy that stands over these huge jugs of coffee beans ready to help you pick one out. My favorite part is the “cold room.” Genius! You walk in through these huge doors and inside is everything you'd normally have to go down the freezer asile for–except now you're in the freezer! Everything is out on normal shelves–milk, flowers, the fish counter. They even have special jackets for you to wear if you're to chicken to face the cold. Once you're done shopping, they rush you through the checkout and mumble the directions on how to use the debit card machine in a typical New Yorker style.

Mom and Dad were here this weekend. More on that once Dad sends me some of the pictures we took.

Monday and Tuesday Jon and Kevin were here. I took them around the city–Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Garden. We also at Famous Ray's Pizza. And let me tell you, it sure was…famous! They did some of their own sight-seeing while I was at work and asleep. They found out the hard way that Times Square at 3am is the place to get drugs and hookers. Now I know. Despite the broken picture, walking one million, and the rat sightings, all in all, I think it was a good conclusion to their road trip.

Tomorrow is a Friday Night Party in the Garden. I'm gonna look cute.

Wish you were here.


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