Good morning!
My body woke me up at 8am on this beautiful 4th of July, so, here I am!

Saturday was an amazing day. I got to Central Park at 10am to wait in a line for free tickets to that night's performance of As You Like It. They begin giving out tickets at 1pm, and by the time I arrived approximately 500 New Yorkers had already layed out their lawn chairs and blankets for the long haul. I read, talked to mom and dad, and wrote letters. Then, at 12:45 everyone folds up thier chairs and the line condences. I was pretty far back in line, so there was no way of knowing if they would have enough tickets for me, but I was hopeful. Sarah called me by 1:10 to tell me that they ran out of tickets at the downtown location, so she didn't get any. My line continued to move. About 3 people ahead of me, they only had “single seats” left–meaning you might not get to sit together. I got 2 of those. 3 people after me the tickets were gone. Woo! After meeting Sarah in Chelsea, we both jumped up and down with excitement that we were going to a free Shakespeare show that night!

And let me tell you, it was amazing. We probably had the worst seats in the place and they were still perfect. The weather and the burritos made it so much better, too!

I called my mom yesterday and she asked if I was homesick. Not so much homesick, but pretty lonley, I suppose. I miss my friends and family a lot, especially today, because I'm not at Uncle Dan's with the Deutschs watching the fireworks. But on the upside, I go to work tomorrow and Wednesday, and when I get done Wednesday mom and dad will be here!

Ok, time for a funny story. I was saving this one up:
A few weeks ago we had a party at the museum for the members (donors). It was pretty classy, but you could easily get away with kackis and a collared shirt, too. But the best part was observing people's dress. My favorite (and the most shocking) was the woman in the purple. Picture this: woman, 45-ish, not thin, heavy in the hips and stomach. Dark purple velvet heels (high heels), bare leg up to her mid thigh. Thats where the “dress” begins. BRIGHT purple spandex dress only a few inches from her butt. The matching jacket had large brown and yellow pictures of tigers on the back and sleeves. Cute! But wait, there's more. The top of the dress reminded me of those weightlifting suits that don't cover your chest. The spandex singlette went under her breasts, and then to “cover” herself was this sheer brown material. I saw the nipples! EEEEEWwwwww! It was so nasty.

Only in New York.


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