Today I was eating lunch with the other interns in Manhattan's second largest private garden (Cooper-Hewitt's very own!) when this animal ran past. Claire yells and points, “Oh my God, what is that?!” Imagine a rabbit without the long ears. Now imagine a squirrl without the tail. Its the same thing! This squirl, who looked like he'd accidently gotten mixed up with some cocker-spaniels when he was born, was running around making a scene.

Only in New York.

Last weekend I got myself a ticket to Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright. No one wanted to go with me because the tickets were $35 and its on a Thursday, but I said, whatever. Ashlee has caused me to fall in love with them both. I'm going by myself with the music to keep me company.

So mom and dad are coming to visit next weekend and I'm totally stoked. This weekend is going to be a little strange–I have 3 days of no work. Woo! Ashley was going to come out, but Southwest Airlines needs to be punched in the face and we ultimatly decided that its no good. So then Greg was going to come, until he remembered the fact that he must work on Monday and duh, only an idiot would take a 4th of July shift, so no one would trade him. Oh well. Guess I'm stuck watching Shakespeare and Fireworks with my British friend. Not that I mind–Sarah is very cool. Plus it gives me time to rest up for mom and dad.

My new favorite New York love (other then the city itself):
dogs that match.
They crack me up! Everyone in the city has dogs, but they are so much cooler when there are 2 dogs that look a like walking side-by-side. Especially if they are little dogs.

Happy Birthday to Chris! He and Dayna bought a house on Monday and are celebrating by cleaning out all the crap (clothes, tools, food) that the previous owner left there. Check it out: http://www.clickonchris.com

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