Rug or Sex?

At 5:02 on Friday my boss asks me why I'm there so late.  Well then, I guess I'll leave.
Went shopping by NYU for a swimming suit.  Found Filean's (sp?) Basement and after much hassel, walked off with a $12 suit that I adore.  I navigated the subway (encluding using the express train) to get home.  I was so proud of myself.

Yesterday went to the beach.  Took us about an hour and a half to get there.  Once we were there the clouds came out and it wasn't worth showing off my suit anymore.  Too cold.  I got us a little turned around on the subway, though.  We were only off by one stop, but things worked out ok.  Luckily Mary trusts me enough to let me figure things out.

Was throughly disappointed last night when we went to eat at the Seindfeld restuarant and found out that the inside looks nothing like it does on TV.  It wasn't a diner, but actually a nice restuarant.  Boo.

Today Mary and I went to mass at the big catherdal then went street shopping to haggle with vendors.  I really wanted a rug.  I saw this one I liked that would fit my room  very well.  The guy told me it was $700, but would give it to me for $250.  I was about to walk away, becuse there was NO way I was going to spend that kind of money. I finally got him down to $50, but then decided that I just didn't have the need for it (mostly, it wouldn't match my room at school).  He then asked me if I had a boyfriend, to which I told a lie and said yes.  This didn't faze him–he asked for my number anyhow.  “You know what, if $50 is too much, give me a call, we can talk about it.”  EEeek!  Run away! 

It was a really nice rug, tough.


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