Work Day 4: Accomplished

I've been working hard to attempt to clean my window. It looks like it should open to the inside for cleaning, but no avail. Maybe the dirt film is there for a reason?

Tuesday night I went to my new friend and fellow intern, Gail, to Central Park to listen to a free opera under the stars. All of New York was there. I also brought Mary. Although I had a great time, I was troughly disapointed by the fact that they didn't act it out, but just sang in front of the orchestra.

Yesterday I wrote a bunch of letters in Riverside Park.

Today Mary and I went to the only evening daily mass I've found in our neighborhood. To our surprise, it was a Spanish mass. It was fun, despite my lack of understanding, and it was nice to spend some time with the Big Guy.

Bought a fridge today for $25. The guy even threw in a lamp. Best part is, I'll probably resell it when I leave for about $25.

Tomorrow I'm finishing up the preliminary stuff for my project. I might actually get to some cataloging in my first week. I really like it there. Maybe one of these days I'll go through the museum, seeing how I work there and all.

Gail and I are riding the subway to work after getting our ID pictures taken. She's talking to me about her internship in Washington last fall. Suddenly, this lady, who obviously wasn't in her right mind, gets up and attempts to slap Gail while yelling, “Stop saying thats Shit! Stop it!” The woman, either mentally off balance or a crack head (or both) just kind of pushes Gail's face in her drunken state, rather than actually slapping her. She goes for me, but I had the opportunity to duck. The hobbles to the other end of the car.

I wasn't sure if I should be scared, defend Gail, or just laugh. Now here's the best part–in any other city, people would have shown concern and asked Gail if she was ok, or at the very least, helped protect her! The most she got was the man next to her who asked, “Did you look at her!?” as if it was Gail's fault. No we didn't look at her! Our conversation had nothing to do with her either!

When the inital scare was gone, we laughed hystericlly. There are so many weird things that I've seen, and most of it doesn't faze me. I'm in New York–weirdness just comes with the territory.


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