SOOOO I'm in New York. Things are new and exciting and there is so much to tell. I'll just give you a brief overview, and I apologize for the lack of pictures but I lack a digital camera.

1. The flight went well. Slept for most of it. Didn't throw up–not even once.
2. The cab driver used his turn signal.
3. The International House is great. My room is perfect. Its pretty big, has a sink and closet and smells like my room at Newman House. I love it. (but its really hot right now. REALLY)
4. The people that live here are nice too. I can sit with anyone at dinner and they are all willing socialize. I met a girl named Mary this way.
5. The job is great. The museum is super hip and I get an ID card that unlocks doors and gets me $5 worth of luch money everyday.
6. The staff I work with are really nice. My project of cataloging pictures is underway and once things get rolling I won't have to interact with anyone unless I want to.
7. Only 2 male interns. Prospects are looking pretty low.
8. I have some super-cute New York-y outfits, but its so damn hot its hard to think about wearing anything.
9. The streetlight shines straight into my window at night.
10. Mary called me tonight and asked, “Do you want to go to Times Square?” I didn't have anything else to do, so it was a plan! My favorite part: the man who was making money by putting a dog and a cat on a pedistal and showing them off. There was also a calander in front of the animals with their picture on it. Were they famous? Can they do tricks? I don't know, but people seemed more than willing to give up their silver.

Write me:
International House
Katharine Johnson
500 Riverside Dr., Rm 258
New York, NY 10027

Call me: 212-316-8545 (room)
Here's the deal–my cell phone costs money. If you want to talk, call me at night in the room and leave a message if I'm not there. Call my cell if you want to find me, but DON'T leave a message unless its an emergency. I'll get back to you. Promise.

Cheers, fans, from the city that never sleeps.


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