I owe this one to Cory. I'm also posting it to prove to him that someone actually reads his stuff when the boys aren't around in the summer.

TEN Random Things About Me

1. I miss my roommate
2. I bowl best at 4am
3. My two new favorite foods: fish and beans (but not together)
4. I love Target
5. There is always room for chocolate cake
6. Next week I'll be a New Yorker
7. I declined Cubs tickets for tonight
8. I love WGN radio
9. Packaging tape is my favorite of all tapes
10. I'd give anything to be at a waterpark right now

NINE Places I've Visited

1. Pairs
2. Venice
3. Ottawa, Kansas
4. New York
5. Canada
6. my bed
7. Nice, France
8. Seattle
9. Denver

EIGHT Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. enjoy exercise
2. Host SNL
3. have babies
4. be a librarian
5. live in New York
6. Live in Northern California
7. learn more about wine
8. and of course…get married and live happily ever after

SEVEN Ways To Win My Heart

1. Have a good sense of humor
2. smell amazing
3. write me letters
4. Smile
5. let me sing to the radio
6. take care of me
7. let me take care of you

SIX Things I Believe In

1. God
2. Finis Coronat Opus
3. True Love
4. My family
5. Waiting until marriage
6. String cheese as a diet staple

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of

1. large things in bodies of water
2. having my heart broken
3. scorpians
4. losing those I love
5. Hurting someone else

FOUR of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom

1. My bedspread!!!!!!
2. My pictures
3. My computer (mostly, my music and pictures on it)
4. My Blue Stars Buckle

THREE Things I Do Everyday

1. Eat
2. Pray
3. Think about eating

TWO Things I Am Trying NOT To Do Right Now

1. Eat
2. Not worry about next week

ONE Person I Want To See Right Now

1. Jake

Thanks for reading, fans!


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