So I know that you think I'm crazy for picking up every cent I see on the sidewalk. I could care less if that penny is face up or not. Finders keepers, losers weepers!

I went to the bank today to cash in the change I've been collecting for the past year. I decided that I'd use it for cab fare to get from the airport to my room in New York next week. I go to the bank, not having any idea how much money is in my plastic bag and give it to the teller. She comes back with a empty bag, except for one Euro penny. “It came to $39.99.” I go to my car to see if I can make it an even $40. No pennies in my change drawer. None in my wallet. I'd cleaned it out already. Damn.

If only that Euro weren't foreign. I hope cabdrivers don't mind 99cents in change.


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