I've been asked a few times lately what would make me happy. Right now. Not that I'm depressed or anything…just…unsatisfied?

Although I know that just by stating this, I am 1) negating any possibility my life will turn out as such, and 2)I am giving God quite a laugh. Anyhow, here's what I see:

I'd wake up in uptown Manhatten.
Listen to news radio as I get ready.
Attend a quick daily mass on the way to work.
Take the subway, reading a book the whole way.
Eat healthy, inexpensive lunch that tastes wonderful.
Go for a run or exercise at a gym.
Ride subway home, reading some more.
Get back to my apartment and write, read, knit, or develop photos.
Get ready for date with someone who is actually as interested in me as I in him. (And he's good looking)
Go out on date.
He walks me home and holds the door open for me. We part ways.
I sleep deeply in my amazing comforter knowing that I'll do it again tomorrow.

Slip in a few drum corps shows, a little Jake, a few visits from friends, phone calls with my mom, and a whole lotta prayer and you've got yourself a satisfied girl.


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