As it turns out, if you get a pop from the Coke machines on campus, some of the bottles randomly come with a $10 Gift Certificate to the Tuscola Outlet Mall.  The girls across the hall called the number on the coupon to find out if it was the real deal–sure enough, its a $10 gift certificate with no limit.

Maggie and Greg spent the afternoon spending $20 each on jeans and a CD.  A few days ago Sara bought about $25 worth of Coke products and wound up taking $140 to the mall.  She came home with about 4 outfits, clothes for her boyfriend, a few CDs, and some sunglasses. 

Yesterday Sara went to the Union 3 times, loading up har backpack with soda bottles each time.  Spending approximately $35, she hit the jackpot with $210 for tomorrow's shopping spree. 

They've had a lot to drink already, and I helped out with the relief effort.  This is the current situation in the fridge:

Genius.  Talk about skamming the system. 


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