It has come to my attention that my last entry was not the message I wanted to give.

When I said, “I turned around and explained what the Chruch REALLY believes” I did just that. The girl who was talking was telling those who she was evangelizing to that Catholics had to do works to get to Heaven.

The Catholic Church DOES NOT. I repeate DOES NOT believe that people will get to heaven by doing good works. Read it for yourself, Ephesians 2:8-9.

Jesus Christ died for my sins, your sins, 2000 years ago. Thats all I need. I wake up every day and pray and help others and go to mass not because I think its going to get me to heaven, but because I love my Lord so much that its all I can in anticipation of being with Him. The works that I do come as an outcropping for the love he has given me. Catholics certainly don't believe that once we arrive at the gates that God will say, “Nope, didn't give enough on Sunday, March 22” or “Nice job! You remembered all the Holy Days of Obligation!” I go to mass and recieve the Eucharist in hopes that by doing these things I will be granted the grace to continue my life with strength and love for God. It is my choice to do the works I do. I do them with love, because God has given me that grace.

But most of all, I work to have a relationship with God here on earth. I cannot have a relationship with someone if we never communicate and we seem to forget about eachother. We remain active in eachother's lives and just having that communication draws us closer together.

The things I do on earth help me to know my best friend better. I work hard at this. It has nothing to do with getting into heaven.


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