I was in the basement of the Union tonight studying when I started listening to the conversation going on at a few tables away. Two girls had come over to the table from a campus Christian group and started talking to the two girls already sitting there about faith. (They were obviously evanglizing) Excellent. I have so much respect for people who can causally start a faith conversation with an interested stranger.

As I continue to listen I realize that one of the girls is a fallen away Catholic and is telling them how she found her faith through whatever church she goes to now. Ok.

But then she starts explaining how the “traditional worship” certainly can't be what God had in mind. And, how can a person need to confess to a priest rather than just God?

My stomach was in knots. It upsets me so much when someone falls away from the Church, but hurts me even more when they talk poorly about it with false information. Most of the things they “don't believe in” of the Catholic Church, I don't believe in either! She just simply didn't understand the meaning and truth behind the practices.

I finished my homework and said a prayer for the continued faith of all the girls at that table. I got up to walk away and let the situation go.

But when she started talking about being saved by “Faith alone” and not by works, I turned around and explained what the Chruch REALLY believes, not what she might think we believe.

I didn't expect anything to come of it, I just hate to think of a Christian trying to teach the faith but speaking poorly of 2000 years of their founding tradition. I pray they can continue to evanglize, but with respect to someone who is not against them–but for them.


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