It has been an incredible weekend.  Good and bad, but mostly, relief.

 Friday night was formal and my date and I looked smashing.

was spent waking up late, doing homework, going on an (unsuccessful)
mushroom hunting trip to Allerton, hanging out with Sandy, her mom, and
Mary, followed by me being anti-social and watching The Birdcage
instead of going to a party.

 Woke up around 8 today, read for a bit, then fell back asleep.  My bed is so comfortable.  Mass, brunch, reading and sunburning on the quad.  Dinner and tennis.  I just finished trying to figure out what classes to take next fall.  No success, but I’m not registering until Friday so I’m not going to let it bother me.  (Did you hear that, self?  This is not going to bother you).

 I feel like these past few days I’ve gotten a lot of clarity on the direction of my life.  Things seem to actually be fitting together.  Like, you often wonder, “why did that happen,” or “why would God not let me go through with that?”

 My frustrations with something I’ve been dealing with all year came to a head this weekend.  Things were worked out though, and I am so much happier now that I know where I stand.  I feel like much of the distress of the last few months lead to that very moment, postponing things until the time was perfect.  The Big Guy is right—I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but in the end, its happiness.

final public announcement: after much discerning, I feel called to a
particular vocation that I’m ready to start perusing (when the time is
right, of course.) I cannot wait to be a wife and mother. Just need to
find a husband first. Or maybe a boyfriend? I know God will send
someone my way at the exact moment it’s supposed to happen. I am so at
peace with these thoughts.

*EDIT* I'm not saying that I'm completely done discerning the religious life, but my spiritual director and I have decided that the next step is trying the vocation I feel called to before continuing my assessment. I am also going to continue seeking knowledge of the religious life as a way to strenghten my convictions.PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

Me, Sandy, Sara (but no Maggie )

New York!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Times Square in the rain.

On top of the Empire State Building.  (its NOT like Sleepless in Seattle)


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