Too Cool for School

I stayed up way too late last night planning for New York. The trip has taken on greater meaning knowing that there is a possibility of me living there this summer. I've been scouting out college dorms that are open to students during the summer, and if everything goes well I might end up at New York University for 10 weeks. But then again, I hear that the best way for something not to happen is to plan it (eh, Rosie?).

I am SOOO excited about next week. To know that in less than 7 days I will be walking the city streets with my best friend. EEEEeeeE!

Its been a good weekend so far. I finished my massive research paper (ok, so its not a thesis or a doctoral, but 17 pages is still a lot for this mere undergrad) and have some reading to do, but other than that I'm living it up. Spent some time with Andy last night, then finished up some more applications for internships–Library of Congress and Newberry Library. Meg ended up sleeping in the room last night because Sandy is home for the wake and funeral. It was nice to have someone else here, and to get used to the idea that she will eventually be sleeping in that bed permanently.

Funny story before I go:
Maggie, Sara, and Greg got me a case of Take-5 candy bars (I'm IN LOVE with them) for my birthday. I have been eating only a few here and there but in the meantime the three of them have been getting antsy about me not eating them. When I expressed the idea of eating one today, Sara tells me to take one off the bottom of the box. Mixed in with all the candy bars was the Full House Season 1 DVD set. Aww shucks. All this time I thought they were just upset with me for eating so slowly. I don't know how they kept that a secret. I love it by the way. Don't be jealous. Full House is the greatest 80s TV show of my childhood (and beyond!!).

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