I’ve got my rose colored glasses on again and the sun is out.

My week has been one of the most extreme rollercoasters I have ever experienced. My weekend that was filled with disappointment, embarrassment, loneliness, and losing a bunch of work on my 17 page paper—I woke up Monday morning with a little bit of excitement at the thought that my life had to get better, because it couldn’t possibly get any worse. That wasn’t totally correct. Mom emailed me to tell me the hostel we had picked out in NYC was really shady and I needed to find another one. Ugh. I get so stressed about this kind of stuff.

I got through Monday, and moved on to Tuesday. Half way through Wednesday things began to pick up.

In a matter of 60 minutes I got cookies in the mail, a potential job in NEW YORK CITY for the summer, and a new friend to talk to (maybe more?). I was literally freaking out from the excitement. Just ask Sandy. I’m going to spare you the details of the internship for now until I hear something definite, but things are certainly looking good.

And then we move to Thursday. My 20th Birthday. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing my friends and family are. Mom and dad came down for lunch at Papa Del’s. We spent the afternoon together and then went to mass, after which they were able to meet a lot of my friends. Twelve of us went to Famous Dave’s and it was so perfect. We got seated right away and then after dinner we just sat around and talked without feeling rushed to get on with life. Beautiful.

Later that night a bunch of us watched The Princess Bride. A great choice. I never knew how funny that movie was when I was a kid. It’s not only good, but so much more entertaining now that I’m older. I had forgotten most of the storyline, so it was like watching a new movie but knowing all the lines by heart (kind of strange).

My friends, I thank you for your phone calls, smiles, notes, gifts, hugs, and prayers yesterday. My face still hurts from smiling so much. It was the perfect day I truly needed.

I’ve got my rose colored glasses on again and the sun is out.


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