This week's newfound love: Coffee shop culture

Sandy is at a bowling tournament this weekend, leaving me alone in the room 2 nights in a row. Although I really enjoy listening to music when I wake up and not having to tip-toe around the room in the dark, I sure do miss her. Its nice to have my own space every once and a while, but I think it is she that keeps me grounded on nights like these–when I'm bored an a little lonely. I suppose my music will keep my company . . . or just make me lonelier. Either way.

I've spent the majority of this weekend working on a paper for Information Ethics. I haven't gotten nearly as far as I'd hoped, but then again, there aren't enough hours in the day.

And now for the happier news: Liz and I have been doing some more NYC research this week and I'm getting SOOO excited. I mean, I get excited about stuff, but this is beyond. Its almost as good as that feeling I used to get in when I'd think about prom. (Maybe I'm alone in knowing the bliss of this feeling).

Watched Anchorman tonight. Classic.

Leave me some.

I'm outtie-5,000.

*edit* I ended up calling Jon at 2am and we talked about his up anc coming career until 3:30. He made me feel much better!

By the way, did you know there is an unrated version of Anchorman?


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