I admit it.

I have become a slave to my own computer. I wake up in the morning and check to see if anyone has IMed me during the night. I then get dressed by the light of my computer screen while my roommate sleeps contently. A few hours later I return: check for IMs, check email (2 accounts), check live journal and xanga for recent comments, followed by reading everyone else's entry, lastly, Facebook. Twenty-fine minutes have gone by. Repeat 2-3x daily.

Thats almost and hour and a half of wasted effort that I could have spent doing something else. I mean, even when I'm at home I feel the need to check the computer (that I actually have to TURN ON and CONNECT TO THE INTERNET) at least once a day.

I have decided to give up AIM for Lent. Its not going to be easy by any means, but I feel that it will give me a sense of freedom, and I look forward to it. I all honesty, I'm sick of this terrible habit.

I only hope that I don't loose my life in attempt to get it back. Please don't forget about me.

I'll still be checking my email and updating my xanga and Lj as needed. My love to you all.


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