I've been trying really hard to put up some break pictures, but everytime I go to Target they tell me that the pictures are still being processed. So please, be patient. I'm doing my best.

Back to school soon. Its been a rollercoaster of a break.

Lots of bad:
First Christmas morning as a family of three.
Working Christmas Eve.
My dog is dying. And I'm serious this time. He's really sick.
Saying goodbye to a wonderful friend.
Letting go of another.
Missing my school.
Starting a million books, and not finishing any of them.

Lots of good:
Having a job (& buying nice clothes with the discount)
A camera for Christmas.
New Year's party at the apartment.
Lots of Katharine Hepburn movies.
Spending way too much time with my mom.
4 times of seeing Chris and Dayna (and the mullet picture!)

This week, two of my friends (who have no relation to eachother) have told me they intend to be rock stars. I'm starting to wonder if I've choosen the wrong profession. I mean, being a librarian is cool and all, but a Rock Star–now thats serious. The lights, the glory, the music! To Jake and John, I send my love. Maybe I'll be your opening act one day. I suppose I should learn to play something first. I'm not soo bad at triangle.

More to come soon.
Give me some love'n. Leave some.


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