Begin Wave 3.

My apologies for the mal treatment of my fans. My room is terribly messy, and if you know anything about me, that means my life is messy too. I knew coming back from Thanksgiving that there would be three waves of insanity before I would have a real life again. Finished wave two today—classes are officially over and nothing is due for 6 days. Doesn’t mean I can stop working though. But Sandy and I are celebrating with “Thursday is Girl’s Movie Night”: Miracle on 34th Street. And there was a little BW3 earlier in the day too.

Did I ever tell you that I love to laugh? There are some people that make me laugh in such a way take a step back and wonder, “Is that really me making that beautiful sound?” Ashley is one of these people. If and when we do talk online, she can say the most insane things and I will start laughing uncontrollably at my keyboard. I was so glad last year when I didn’t have a roommate, but this year it’s a little more difficult to control myself with another person in the room.

Mike makes me laugh too. The two of us can have the most intelligent sounding conversation about a situation that we completely made up. I sure am going to miss the easy access of those.

And sometimes, just sometimes, when someone tickles me in just the right way I utter this same sound—a laugh unlike any other. I had that this past weekend for the first time in I don’t know how long. It was wonderful.

I did want to let you know that my hair is curly again. My former roommate, Ashley, so patiently straightened it for a formal that I went stag to, and wasn’t even asked to dance at…

But life goes on, and the laughter will continue. And it will be beautiful.
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This is Angie (also a formaer roommate) and me at Fever Formal. I love this picture. Sometimes when I look at her I feel like God is present in front of me.


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