First and foremost, I missed my roommate a ton over break. She's so freak'n cool.

The puzzle is starting to fit together:
1) I had a revelation yesterday that I love Newman, its comfortable, fimular, and a blessing. Why would I want to move away next semester?
2) So, I decided to stay. I found someone to split the year with while I'm in Belgium.
3) AND I found a roommate today too. Ladies and gentleman, meet Megan.
4) Sunday, about an hour before I left for school, Marshall Field's called. I was in Joliet for an interview within 30 minutes and was offered a job. You will find me in the “Ready to Wear” Women's department throughout the Christmas season. YAY! (after applying all over Joliet and getting my first choice, I'm totally stoked)
5) I've asked two people to sponsor me for the FOCUS Conference, and both are more than willing. Double YAY!
6) Greg won't be at breakfast tomorrow, so I get to sleep in for a change. (But he could use your prayers for the presentation of his Senior Design Project tomorrow morning)
7) The water at Newman is warm again. No more cold showers for me (I braved it though–tour made me tough).

So much work to do in the next three weeks. I can do it! At least I've got three “Thursday Night Is Girl's Movie Night” to look forward to, followed by a little Barenaked Ladies on the 14th.

Remember kids, Target Holiday begins December 1st. Nothing but the best for my favorites.

Cheers! Now get back to your homework!


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