There is the guy in one of my classes. I have no interest in him other than the fact that I think he is beautiful. I know that to somone else, they might say, “yeah, he's good looking and all but, whatever.” But to me, there is just something about him–something that “stabs me right through.” (to quote Ludo) I know that he's not my type, I'm not even interst in him outside of lecture, and he probably has never even see me, but I can't help but take an extra second or two looking at him when he says something in class.

Perhaps I'm crazy, but I'm assuming you can relate.

So I was facebooking a few minutes ago and looking though my classes. There he was. With the click of a button he was no longer that guy that sat behind me in lecture. He now had a full name, a personality, a house, a major, and a habit of drinking. I feel so creepy. But thats not the catch. He's from the same hometown as my corps. I've slept in the gym of his high school and I've lost my rosary that had been blessed by the Pope in his parking lot.

I know too much. Perhaps the crush is over.

Facebook. I hate you. I love you.


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