Carpet Coat

I woke up on the floor. Let me explain, For those of you who don't know, I'm on team for this really big retreat program here at St. John's and last night we had an overnight before the final week of prep begins–and next weekend is the actual retreat. Eek! Pray for me! Pray for all of NFK 82. Its going to big. So anyhow, I woke up on the floor of the retreat house to the sound of someone making my breakfast and it was wonderful. Mmmm. Crepes… After final remarks and cleanup we headed home.

All afternoon I fought off sleep as I attempted to write about the Shema and Amidah–which I know nothing about except for the fact that they're Jewish prayers. Five hours and a page and a half later I joined the girls down the hall at Mass. Mike came too and we ate here at Newman before heading to the mall.

The mall?!?! Kate doesn't go to malls. On the way there it occured to me to ask Michael why he wanted to go to the mall. “Just to look,” he tells me. Ok. Fair enough. We even went to Abercrombie–very strange. He bought some stuff at Eddie Bauer and I found some good deals at JCP. I have to add that we did see these ugly carpet-like jackets that screamed Katie Marie. But then we realized that they were actually a fashionable item and forgot the idea altogether.

We made it back to my room and watched a recording of this week's Presidental Debates (Mrs. Smith and Mr. Grosskopf would be so proud). Mike had to go to work half way through so we took the tape over to the Garner front desk.

And I now find myself in my room. For once, I don't mind being alone on a Saturday night. I'm feeling rather content. Sandy is gone this weekend so I fully intend to stay up “late” and sleep in tomorrow.


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