Alright kiddies. Here's what you've been waiting for. An update.

Last night Kevin drove over from ISU to be my escort to the Dashboard Confessional concert. It just so happens that the University of Illinois was like, “If you've got a school ID we'll give you 2 free tickets.” Thats right. FREE. I only knew a few songs, but just being there was so amazing. We sat up in one of the second decks, a little off center–but really, there isn't a bad view no matter where you are. It was so surreal watching hundreds of people packed in front of the stage from up above, and then randomly seeing crowd surfers make it to the stage. I wanted to be right down there with them. Really, is it a concert if you can’t dance? There was this one slower song where, 5 years ago, people would have gotten out their lighters and slowly waved them above their heads. But no, the entire crowed got out their cell phones. At first I thought it was pretty ridiculous, but then I took a deep breath and realized how oddly beautiful it was.

I don't listen to that much of Dashboard's music simply because I don’t' own it. But I've always liked it. They’ve got some great harmonies and a lot of their lyrics really speak to me. I often forget that other people feel many of the same pain and joys that I do, and many of their songs remind me that I’m not alone.

I still can remember driving down Holt Road in Kevin’s old truck listening to “Screaming Infidelities” for the first time. I suppose it was only perfect that Kevin go to the concert with me, seeing how he introduced me to them years ago. There isn’t anyone I would have rather spent my night with.

After some rejuvenating Jimmy John’s we found our way over to Posvic’s apartment. During a conversation about nothing important J.P. stormed in through the front door in a very Kramer-esk entrance. The night was concluded when, like usual, I almost feel asleep on the couch.

Mom and Dad are coming for the football game tomorrow. They’re coming early to watch the drumline warm up and then Streetfest. I hope I can make it through without throwing up. After the game, or halftime, most likely, we’ll head home. Dayna’s bridal shower is on Sunday. Its going to be a busy weekend. I tried to get some of my homework done to avoid having to do it while I’m home. I was only partially successful.

Just a quick reminder:
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Take care of yourselves. Until next time.


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