Season Closes.

Ah. Where do I begin?
The last week was a great vacation. Although by the end I was ready to not be in the same hotel room as my parents…that got a little old. As did having a 2 door car.
Image Hosted by
Me flying out of my gate.

We spent a lot of time visiting with my parents’ friends. Quite often we spent time with my mom’s friend Claire and her husband. Claire is a fellow Audiologist that my mom had met through her classes. The made us a salmon dinner and kept us entertained with model trains and their amazing view of the city from their window.

We had lunch with my mom’s friend from college, Clairesse, who now lives in Bolder. Last time she saw me I was only about 4 feet high.

Last night we ate dinner at the Bundy’s—my dad’s friend from high school and best man at their wedding. Oddly enough, I discovered through looking at pictures of his family that his sister teaches at Minooka High School and just happened to my the co-advisor for NHS when I graduated. She was totally hip. Last time I visited them they had an empty house , but now its filled with a 9 and a 5 year old. Cool. 

I enjoyed meeting and remeeting all of these people, but the highlight of my trip was drum corps. Blue Stars took 5th in Division II and I couldn’t be prouder. They worked extremely hard and I couldn’t have asked for much more, especially with new direction and staff. Finis Coronat Opus.Image Hosted by
Blue Stars evening rehearsal in front of the moutains.

Although I had the impression that our Division I tickets were off the 40 yard line—they were really in the end zone. But with us in the upper deck, there wasn’t a bad view. It was a GREAT show. I’ve never had such a view and seeing the forms was incredible from that angle. But as much as I enjoyed all the shows, I really disliked the amplification. I think it should be saved for WGI. Crown had a great show, and Seasons of Love is an amazing song. I found that amplifying the human voice was distracting from the overall affect, which was beautiful by itself. Boston used it in a more tasteful manner, but I still think it could have been done differently.
Image Hosted by
Guess who!?!

And surprise, surprise, The Cavaliers took the title once again. As much as I like them as a corps, I sure do like to seem them lose. And I’m no longer a Blue Devils virgin. I was finally able to see these amazing boys and girls live. Only tenths of a point from another World Championship *sigh*.
Image Hosted by
Blue Devils and the Johnson Family

The most entertaining part of the day was when we were about 10 minutes away from home on I-55. Apparently this guy behind us in a beat up 80’s model Ford was following too closely. Like an idiot, my dad did a break tap to get him to back off. Oh no. That made him SUPER PISSED. Next thing I know, he swerves into the right lane and appears to be searching for something in the seat next to him. And then he pulls up along side of the Jeep and flashes us a TABLE KNIFE!! We’re not even talking about something that could cut a stake here kids. A plain old dull table knife was going to protect Mr. Road Rage from his foes. He then tries to cut us off, only to find that there wasn’t enough room between us and the next car. So after the I-80 interchanges (only one of the most dangerous areas in Chicago-land) he is finally given the chance to cut us off (oooohhh noooo! Mr. Crappy Car gets his revenge!) and gives us the finger. Way to go MORON!!!!


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