First and foremost, I would like to announce that Ludo won the “Next Big Thing” contest on the Fuse Network. This allows them to make a music video on a $25,000 budget and it gets their CD into store nationwide. This news is huge. Once again, if you haven't talked to me lately, you obviously haven't heard about http://www.ludorock.com. They've got a few MP3s on there and I suggest you check it out, you'll be glad you did. An extra big thank you to everyone who voted for them, mostly because I bugged you to, but your support really helped out.

Aside from that, I'm going to Dubuque tomorrow to see the Blue Stars. I made all my friends these giant chocolate-chip cookies that are going to make them flip. Seriously, most of them probably don't even remember what chocolate is anymore. Only a week and a few days before the season is over. Wow.

Flashback: We've just finished the drumline huddle before the Cavalier home show at Main West High School. Ryan calls the four of us over to the drums for a bass huddle. Ryan never calls a section huddle, so this must be serious. “Guys,” he says, his southern drawl sneaking through the words ever-so slightly, “I know we had a bad warm-up.” It was true, it was probably my worst. “But we've got ten more days. Thats it. Ten more days and the Blue Stars 2003 bass line will be just a memory.” Tasia, Allison and I begin to get a little teary–its normal though. I think even Justin got a little misty. “This is it. This is YOUR SHOW. Give it all you've got.”

And we did.

Good luck at Finals Blue Stars. You've had a great season. This is it. Its YOUR SHOW. Give it all you've got, and make the old man cry.

“Bloody hell.”


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