My 4 days off were wonderful. Its so unlike me to have nothing planned and just relax. I spent a bit of my time working on a t-shirt quilt that I plan on taking with me to the dorm. Its made of old shirts I still like but either don't fit, or I lack the desire to wear them anymore.

Yesterday was a movie in the city with Elizabeth and Rob. This time we watched The Birds–which seemed much scarier when you're watching it outside in the dark, rather than amid your freshmen English class, who is amused by the fact that Tippy's hair still looks good, even after a ride in the convertable. Movie–good. Rain–not so good. We were soaked, but wouldn't give into nature, despite her attempts to make us leave. Those were some of the biggest, fattest, rain drops I've ever seen. But, I had a great time none the less.

On the way to the movie we had to stop by and pick up Rob. Upon boarding the subway I realized that the guy standing across from me was the lead singer for the band Matthew, who'd opened for Ludo a few nights before. Talk about wierd. But wait, there's more–on the 11 o'clock train ride home I would have sat in another car, accept I had to use the bathroom, which was in the second car. While standing in line I look up to find Jen, one of my friends from high school, who I've been meaning to call. Both of us were completely freaked that we just happened to be taking the late-night train back to Joliet. Needless to say, not only did I get a seat, but I also was able to have a great conversation.

Barenaked Ladies–AMAZING! They did some different stuff tonight that made things more interesting. A few of the songs were done with all of them gathered around the same mic and they all ended up dancing to the shopping song. Aww. I love them all so much. I want to marry them.

The concert was a family affair, having gone with mom, dad, and Aunt Maggie. And we just so happened to find my cousin Bridget in the crowd too. Weird.

Blue Stars Home show in 2 days. Wish them luck, say a little prayer, whatever it is that you do. I root for the Blue Team.


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