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Its been a great week, I have to admit. One definate highlight was randomly discovering that one of my favorite bands has a website and then realizing that they just happened to be playing in Naperville the very next day. Amazing. I called Samantha and pretty much insisted she go with me. After work we drove up there and had hardly any trouble parking. We were both starved and after discovering that Ludo wouldn't be on for another 45 minutes we headed to Noodles. Afterward we went to put our sweatshirts away and found Spiderman in the parking deck. Seriously–it was some punk kid dressed up. When I asked if I could take a picture with him Superman appeared too. Way cool. So Sam took our picture, and some guy from the Naperville Sun took a picture of Sam taking our picture.
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Ludo did an awesome set and they had a lot of people over at the merch table after the show. This is good news. I was also able to talk with one of the band members, Tim, who was very nice, as well as good looking *blush*. When I mentioned Jake (who does sound for some of their shows) he knew who I was talking about and was very excited to meet me. And, as I had promised months and months ago, I bought their CD rather than having to listen to burned copy. They are playing in Wheaton on Friday. I highly reccomend this band to everyone (and I'm not just saying that). –check them out, come with me to the show. The night was completed after having Cold Stone and then a late-night showing of Dodgeball.

Mom and I spent Thursday and Friday in Bloomington at the Shakespeare Festival. The second show we saw only got part-way through the first scene before the rain began and the show was called. We stayed dry and I ready to watch the show despite the wetness. It would have been quite an experience. I also got to buy a few clothes at the mall. (I can't even tell you the last time I was in a mall). I bought some nice stuff, quite a change from my usual thrift store t-shirt and jeans. I wish I had some place to wear my new stuff though.

Yesterday we drove to DeKalb for the DCM Finals. It was a great show. I was also able to see my old drum tech, Scott, from a far. I miss him soo much. Minnesota Brass was amazing. As were the Blue Stars. I was able to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Coon as well as Jess, Jake's friend from school that he talks about all the time. And Jake loved his birthday present. I can't believe he's 21. I admit it, I got a little teary during the performance. I miss it. I miss the sock tan and eating in parking lots. I've got a lot of thinking to do before November. And a lot of playing to catch up on.

Going to see Anchorman with Samantha tonight before she runs off to Minnesota. I'm looking forward to a good time. Right now I'm attempting to stay awake because I've started taking naps everyday. I don't want this to be a habit during the fall.

Signing off.


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