clouds in my coffee

So I've been using my brother's digitial camera a lot these past few weeks and as a result I'll be displaying some of the results for my non-existant readers (hey, thats you!)

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Using the night-setting didn't work so well on this one, but alas, this is the infamous Andy that I go to school with. This is us at the Alton show before he went crazy.
Image Hosted by
And this is Jake at the Madison show. Boo-ya. Take one for the Team.

Aside from that, the 4th was good. Went to Uncle Dan's to watch fireworks with all of my extended family. I love them all so much I can't even begin to describe it. I sure hope I marry someone with a big family because I can't even imagine a family get-together without a million cousins running around wondering when its time for dinner.
Back to normal life tomorrow. Mom and Dad arrived home safely and the lost luggage is on its way to the house via UPS. As for me, I'm done driving all over the state for a while. Working for the next 2 days then down to ISU for the Shakespeare Festival. Then up to NIU for the Blue Team. Ok, so maybe I'm not done driving all over the state.
On a side note, during my run tonight I found a perfectly good leather office chair on the curb for garbage pick up. I once I got back to the house I insisted mom get out of bed and go to get it with me. I sang the Mission Impossible song as I loaded it into the car and we secretly drove off. Mission successful.


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