I was at work Thursday when it occured to me that I had just finished classes for the summer. Booya. My photo class had gotten out around 11am that day and all 12 of us went out for lunch. Before I left I did something completely un-Kate-like: (are you ready for this?) I gave a guy in the class my phone number. I really enjoyed getting to know him over the six weeks and he has a very simular sense of humor as moi, so I thought I'd be daring (plus, I have to admit, he's super cute). As much as I'd like to hang out with him again, if he didn't call I'm not going to be offended. I took a chance, nothing lost, nothing gained.

So yeah, class is out. Goal one complete. Goals 2 and 3 for the summer: in progress. (goal 2: get a job, goal 3: see lots of drum corps shows)

Work sucked today. We were all in bad moods. Donna kept feeding me B Vitamins in hope that they would lighten our spirits a bit. I couldn't wait to get out of their and get home. Did you ever have one of those days you're just pissed at the world?

Mom and Dad flew to Ireland yesterday. In about an hour they'll be waking up to start their day, and here I am getting ready for bed.

Speaking of which…..ZZZzzzz.


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