You may take the field

Went to the first show of the season on Friday. Oswego. Good stuff all around. I really like the Cavaliers' show this year, but it doesn't make me think “WOW! They've done it again!” Its no 95 Planets, thats for sure. I was really impressed my both Pioneer and Glassmen and look forward to cleaning and adding as the season progesses. It was good times hanging out with Jenny and I was glad to have her there to compare corps stories and make Box 5 jokes that unless you've marched you'd never get.

Overall, I had a much greater apperciation as a spectator. I was able to watch and enjoy the challenges of all sections and each corps as a whole. I understand it so much more now. It was odd being a spectator, but it made my stomache hurt a whole lot less.

I've been sending letters to those on the road and look forward to seeing the Blue Stars' show. They continue to bring in the points every night. Jake tells me good things and I think I'm going to pee my pants when I finally am able to see them. Until then, I'll be following Andy and Drew around–Normal on Friday and Alton on Tuesday.


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