My summer thus far:

“Hi, its Kate. Are you doing anything tonight?… You'll call me back? Ok. Talk to you then.”

Wait. Wait. Wait. Do something else. Wait. Go to bed.

I feel like my whole life I've always been the instigator of things. Very rarely does anyone call me just because they were thinking of me and wondering if i wanted to do anything. Worst of all, when I call people, they don't return my calls. Yeah, I AM hurt. I've been crushed once again. And its not just by one person, its by many people, most of whom will never read this. Why do I always have to call and set things up? Why am I ALWAYS forgotten? Am I not a good friend? Have I hurt you? Or am I just so invisible that you don't even notice when I'm gone. That must be it. I'm invisible, and dispensable. I get it. I'll just continue to fade into the background. I'll just hang out with my parents on Friday nights, like usual. Don't bother to call, I'll call you in a few days anyway and beg you to hang out with me anyhow. I always do.

Man, I AM a loser.


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