The quest for A.J. Ogg continues

Not much is new round here. I'm really enjoying this time of not really having to do anything but show up to classes and work. Its amazing and I'm trying not to take it allow it to slip by without realizing how lucky I am. I would just like to point out that I could be in the middle of Hell Week (or this year, Hell Fortnight) up in La Crosse, but I'm not. I'm at home in my AC looking forward to my day in the city on Monday.

Rob and Liz drove to good ol' Channahon to see me on Tuesday. Its been months since I'd seen Liz, and getting a hug from her is so rejuvinating. I watched them eat hamburgers as big as their heads at Heros And Ledgends and then I dominated in Barbie, Queen of the Prom board game. Sometimes I wish they'd make Trival Pursuit, the moron edition, cause I really suck at some of that stuff. Stupid Rob and his winning… *I shake my fist at you*

On an unrelated note, I'm aquiring a liking for Ben Folds lately, thanks to Ashlee and the CDs she made me before we left for the summer.

Drove to Fox Valley last night to watch the end of the Cubs game and Kill Bill, vol. 1 with Andy. Yeah, it was really bloody, but I enjoyed it. Knowing that sometimes it was so bloody it was humorous really helped. I reccomend it, and look forward to seeing Vol 2, but without Andy, because he's leaving on tuesday.

Gotta go clean, we've got a double graduation party tomorrow!


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