Went back to the ol' health food store today. I felt like I'd never even left (well, except for the fact that I went to go sit in one of the rooms and found that the room itself was missing…apparently they'd gotten rid of an entire room to put up “low carb” shelving)–the stuff on the shelves is low carb, not the shelves themselves. ha!

Returned my pysc book because with only 3 tests–all of which are 25 multipul choice questions–I didn't feel the need to spend $60 on a book. Spent the rest of the day with Jake. He's moving to La Crosse on Tuesday and this was my last (and only) opportunity to hang out with him before tour. I think I figured out why I love him so much. He knows me. Although we don't see eachother that often, he knows me so well. He knows my moods and my sounds and I can act like a little kid in front of him and he does the same thing. Aside from my mom, no one else in the world shares the same connection we do. No one else knows what I'm going to order at a resturant or what is going to make me roll my eyes at him. And although a lot of people in my life know me well, its just different with him. Comfort maybe? A sense of belonging? I wish I could find someone like this at school, or maybe someone I see more often. Not having a relationship like this with me all the time makes me incredibly lonley.

I wish I had a funny story to conclude with, but I'm fresh out. Mom and Chris are graduating on Sunday! Yay! Go team.

Its about time for some sleep. I'm going to take advantage of it.


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