Taking classes at JJC is an adjustment. My pysc class only has one writing assignment (and aside from reading, this is the only assignment) which consists of 5 pages. I hope I can manage!!! Photo seems pretty cool. The bad part is that its 4 days a week for 4 hours (at 8:30 am) in Romeoville. Eek. Its a drive, and I'm going to get tired of it, but its a class I really wanted to take.

Got a job. But not at a library… Went back to the health food store and they were really excited to have me. I start thursday. This gives me more money, but less flexibiliy to go to the city. 😦 I can't wait to meet my new best friend, Rob. A job will also be good considering that this photo class is tres cher–aside from the class and fees, supplies are going to cost me an unexpected $100+. yuck.

I'm in the process of cleaning my room and consolidating 2 rooms (more like one room and one HUGE room) into one. Its taken me 5 days so far and I'm not nearly finished. Its frustrating, but I don't mind doing it beacuse I know the end product will be worth it.

So long. Fair well.


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