Chem is over FOREVER!!!!!

I just finished my 3 hour chem final. Out of the 67 questions, there were only a few that I was clueless on, and that was mostly because I went pretty braindead for the last 15 or so. Ugh. It wasn't aweful, but I am so glad its over. I have tomorrow off, and then 3 more days of finals–none of which should be nearly that fatiguing. Before hand I traded in my Chem text and got $47 back–sweet! Of course, I did pay $150 used. Stupid university. I swear the chem department rips you off any way possible.

Erin and I sat out on the quad for a few minutes afterward. I sure am going to miss not having class with her next semester. i don't think I'm going to miss our lab TA though–as hot as he was. ha-ha-ha.

I sent out my resume to 13 libraries today in hope of finding a summer job. If I'm going to be following corps around I'm going to need the money. Plus, I'd really like to work in a public library.

The days have been really slow. I've been working a million, but it still feels odd when I don't have a set schedule for the day. Maybe it'll be better now that I've started finals. All this free time makes me go a little nuts.

I'm going to go eat my left over Papa Del's and veg before I start studying again.

Over. And out.


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