Its been an odd few days. Classes ended 2 days ago and I've been working (and attempting to study) in the morning with some free time in the evening. Yesterday I met up with Erin and Bryan after work and Erin and I ended up going and sitting on the sunless leach–aka the Quad–and had smoothies. We both got the urge to buy stuff at the book store. I came home with some window clings and some U of I shorts that were 40% off. Erin and I were going to go to Grainger to study, but turns out neither one of us had any desire to talk about chemistry (surprise!) so we went and bought some hair dye at Walgreens. Apparently, she and her 2 roommates for next year were all going to dye their hair–just because. Erin tried to talk me into it too, but the thought of showing Aunt Maggie what I'd done was not very pleasant. “I'd rather get a piercing,” I said, and would have, had the place not closed the hour before.

Went back to Erin's to watch the last half for Friends out of curiosity. It was so funny when Ross and Rachael got back together because the whole floor started going “Aww” and cheering. We met up with Ann and Gina and before we started dying hair, they talked me into joining their new club, “Uncle Jessie Appreciation” in which they assured me there would be shorts that said “Have Mercy” on the butt. I dyed Erin's hair and we both agreed I did a mighty fine job (especially because I'd never actually done it before, only watched it about a million times). It was way past my bedtime so I attempted to take a bus back to my place. I did get there, but it took half an hour and I was a million tired by the time I made it up to my room.

Only 7 more mornings to wake up in this bed. Sadness.


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