Take me out tonight

Hey boys and girls.

To update you, I payed for my bridesmaid's dress, but of course, wasn't able to bring it home. Danielle (Dayna's twin sister) and I attempted to try on bride's dresses. We totally got busted. I pulled out the story that I was there for prom (Danielle claimed she was getting married) and we had just stopped in–way to busy to register. I didn't want to give them my name! I just wanted to try on a dress. Poo.

Mom and I went to see “Mean Girls” and I highly recommend it. Its not a teen-chick flick either. Of course, I love seeing all the SNL cameos, but it had some substance to it, and also showed the stupidity of girls in masses. Ugh.

Drove back to school yesterday and I took mom to my horticulture lecture cause Dr. Skirvin said, “This is the most important and interesting lecture of the whole year–you can bring your roommate, you can bring your mom–I don't care.” Plus, the guy is hilarious. We had a good time. Went to Biaggi's for dinner and then to Rent.

Wow. This was my third time seeing it and I believe it was the best. There were pieces of the story I got before that even after listening to it about 1,000 times I still hadn't gotten. I didn't fall madly in love with Mark or Roger, but rather, just got really into their characters. Joanne and Collins were the best I've ever seen and Mimi's scene….man. Definatly the hottest I've ever seen; she was awesome. It just one of those things that everytime you experience it, you take away something different. There is no future, there is no past. I live this moment as my last…

Jake told me last night that Ludo is playing in Kirksville tonight. I was going to be completely spontaneous and miss the last 2 days of my classes and buy a train ticket regardless of cost. I desperately attempted to get down there for two of my favorite things–Jake and Ludo–but its hopeless. The train would have taken me over 12 hours with a lay-over in Chicago and I wouldn't have even gotten there until 8pm, about the time Jake would be setting up. And the Greyhound was being stupid. Oh well.

But on the upside, Kevin is coming to visit me tonight. I'm sure there will be many adventures forthcoming. That means I need to take a nap. I'm expecting a late night.


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