I once had a crush on Matt Giermala

I'm at home. It was a short trip, with much taking. I enjoyed the company though, and I thought I would never say this, but I actually have a lot in common with Kristina. Weird.

An important lesson I have learned (and am putting into practice) is that if someone talks a lot, leaving hardly any room for you to get your say in, its perfectly ok to start talking about yourself or change the subject as you see fit. You can't sit there an wait for them to ask about you, because its not going to happen. My car ride home isn't the only place I've used my newly acquired knowledge lately.

Got home and Dr. Lorraine was out shopping with a friend (thats right, my mom IS a doctor now!) so I went out and pruned the landscaping. A job well done. We sat around and talked for a few hours until my dad got home and the three of us went out to dinner. Nothing terribly exciting. We went to this place in Morris that had the Cubs vs. Cards game on and it made me want to be over at Cory's, despite the inevitable drunkenness by all present. It would have been a good night. I sure hope there is more fun to come before we all go our separate ways.

Speaking of fun–we went to BW3 on Thursday to make up for not going Wednesday. It was the usual crowd, Andy, Cory, Green, myself, and the added bonus of Drew. Oh man, Drew was so weird that night. He was totally cracking me up. Thank goodness he made it back to campus without barfing everywhere. Cory was pretty interesting too. He decided to try the “Blaze'n” sauce. He was totally fine at first…eat'n, having a good time. “Its just like normal wing sauce,” he claimed. But then he progressively got quieter and slowed his food intake until he pretty much sat there, motionless, staring at the remaining chicken tenders. I guess the Blaze'n got to him. Ouch.

Alright. So its 10:30. I've got nothing else to do, so I think I'll go to bed. Lame.

PS–still trying to decide on 6 second abs


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  1. Matt


    Are you Kate Johnson by any chance?

    — matt

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