What the…?

So, there I was–asleep.

I awoke suddenly. Something had obvioulsy startled me. I look at my clock–It was 2:30 am. Why was I awake? It wasn't my cell phone, everything seemed sound within my room. I heard some drunken girls outside. I stumble to my window to observe, as I normally do. Amusement at its best. Ugh, these chicks are boring. Back to bed.

So what woke me up? Apparently, someone had knocked over the dumpster outside my door. Yes, thats right, AN ENTIRE DUMPSTER.

Insert cool picture here:

This is Andy and friends, with special thanks to Green.

On another note, I failed to mention that last week, my friend Ashlee was at A Ben Folds concert and she called me so I chould hear him play my song. It really made my night.

Yeah, I really do “just wanna be Kate.”


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