Ok, so here's the low-down.

Passed the Floral Design exam yesterday with an 89, which got me a A in the course. Perfect. Chem exam today. I'm so completely serious when I say I don't care. Honestly, I'm not sure what happened to me–I used to study so diligantly, even when I didn't want to. But now, I have the worst time studying even for an hour. Part of me thinks that I'm not really sure how to study anymore–especially for big things like final exams. Exams week is gonna kill me. After classes are over I have 4 days of NOTHING. Seriously, what am I going to do. I'd love to just chill, but I'd feel so guilty. Chem is first (thank goodness!) followed by an exam almost everyday until friday. I think its also difficult to study because for most of my classes I have no idea what my grade is. Do I need more than a B on the final to get an A in the course? Am I failing? Am I wearing pants? I don't know.

Life is slowly getting better. Was finally able to take Communion yesterday for the first time since Easter. Whew. Its good to be back. I'm going home this weekend to try on bridesmaid's dresses, yay! And on Monday mom and I are going to see Rent. Hopefully by that time I'll have my extra credit paper done–which I was going to do tomorrow night (thursday) but Cory informs me that the guys are going to BW3 for chicken tender night to make up for none of us (except Andy) being able to to to 50 cent leg night. How can I pass that up? This might be my last BW3 this year, but hopefully not. I look forward to continuing the ritual with Allan and the gang after my psyc class at JJC ends. Dang, this makes me want to change it to tuesday/thursday….

Ok, its time for chem class. One last review before the exam tonight. I think I'm going to try a new place to study this afternoon–my room obviously isn't working. Don't come look for me, you won't find me. I think the only person in the whole world that could find me is Liz, but even then she won't have access to it. Maybe when I get done I'll add to the grafitti…



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