For real? No, for fake.

Nothing very exciting to update you on. And thats ok. I've had a lot of free time these last few days and am enjoying it so much. However, its caused me to become even more addicted to my lj.

I am getting some serious spring fever though, which sucks. I don't want to do any homework and am feeling extra lonley. But as much as I want this school year to end, I sure am going to miss it. Most of all, I'm going to miss my amazing room. I will never have a sweet set-up like this again. Hopefully, I'll get an apartment Jr. Year, though, that would be sweet. it sure would be funny if Michael and I ended up living together. I don't know. Not something I need to worry about now.

I had a bit of an epiphany yesterday. When I walk to class I am often an avid people watcher and I am constantly seeing my friends…or at least people I think I know, but really have a striking resemblance to my friends (until I take a few more steps and realize it looks nothing like Liz, or Sam, or Jake, or Ashley). I kept thinking to myself, “Wherever I go, there you are.” But then I realized that, of course, these people are not really there, rather, I am carrying them in my heart. “Where ever I go, I take you with me.” Thats more like it.


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